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Paid Workshops library

In this section you will find a variety of workshops covering various topics to take you deeper into your journey of self exploration and spiritual practice.  Each workshop can be paid for individually and once you purchase the workshop, you will have access to this specific video content for 72 hours.

If you like what you see and want more, or if these are not the type of workshops you are looking for, maybe you should consider looking at the "On Demand Membership" option to have access to the full library of yoga, chi kung, and other workshops.

Paid Workshops

Paid Workshops

All Categories
All Categories
all levels
Chi Kung
Deep Transformation
workshop series
Workshop series

Dantian Workshop Part 1 - Amsterdam, Nov 2020

Dantian Workshop Part 2 - Amsterdam, Nov 2020

Chi Kung Course 1/6: Flow - Amsterdam, Feb 2021

Chi Kung Couse 2/6: More flow - Amsterdam, Feb 2021

Chi Kung Course 3/6: Opening the channels - Amsterdam, Feb 2021

Chi Kung Course 4/6: Oppositional forces - Amsterdam, Feb 2021

Chi Kung course 5/6: Tendon change - South Africa, Feb 2021

Chi Kung Session 6/6: Yin-Yang Power - South Africa, Feb 2021

Breathing Course Level 1: 1 - Becoming one with the breath

Breathing Level 1: 2 - Connecting to your organs

Breathing Level 1: 3 - Rebalancing left and right channels

Breathing Level 1: 4 - Sacred Geometry Crystal Body

Breathing Level 1: 5 - Maximum Expansion and Contraction

Breathing Level 1: 6 - Light Purification

Breathing Level 2: 1 - Eliminating interferences, pressure points

Breathing Level 2: 2 - Eliminating interferences, forgiveness

Breathing Level 2: 3 - Eliminating interferences, remove blockages

Breathing Level 2: 4 - Eliminating interferences, sound work

Breathing Level 2: 5 - Eliminating interferences, Earth connection and Psoas release

Breathing Level 2: 6 - Micro-Macro orbit healing

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