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Individual and Group sessions

Creating Balance, Equanimity and Flow

There is an immense amount of joy that can come from stillness and movement when it is aligned with, and powered by the grace of the spirit's ability to bring harmony.  Through my classes and other work, I aim to offer an experience of all of the parts of one's being, the stillness, the strength, the flexibility, determination and focus;  but the most important part, is when you just know that a position "feels right" and you can hold it for infinity, with zero effort. It is this feeling of inter-connectivity in the physical, energy body and mind that creates sustainability and guides our understanding to find our life path and place in this universe.



Specialising in all things personal or existential, from natural simplicity to quantum complexity, the answers are usually found in the explorative journey towards self discovery.



Finding the essence of life's breath flowing through each one of your cells, connecting the earth and sky, the journey of consciousness and healing brings endless peace and bliss.

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From the breath, energy flows, manifesting in movement to bring life to the body.  Whether you prefer Chi Kung, Yoga or Kung Fu, healing and joy comes with the alignment of body and mind.

..."you truly understand the process, not just teaching the rules"...

Nicole Lacey, London

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I know what ever happened with Annelie boosted my progress dramatically. It allowed me to look into my life with a totally new perspective and also challenged me with some confronting issues within myself… if I ever hit a rocky patch again I know where I would be going!…When people don't know the benefits yet of what Annelie does, it might be hard for them to commit..  It's only now that I’ve seen the magic she does that I would recommend anybody to take that leap of faith...You young lady, are going to be famous! They shall write books about you!”

Yara Halabi, Australia

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