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Navigating in Woods

"Expression brings understanding as a reflection of perception"

Annelie Nel

Mentoring and Guidance

It takes one with experience in many aspects of life to learn true wisdom and compassion.  Not everybody experiences the same depth of life during one lifetime, but for those who embark on a spiritual path, leaving all material and relationships behind, opens a door to a reality beyond this one, allowing you to see things from a perspective, eventually allowing you to find the meeting point between the seen and unseen worlds.  Only through wisdom and compassion can true guidance be passed on. 
Beyond her own vast life experience, she has also been initiated and guided by Yogi's, Kung Fu Masters and Spiritual Guides from various lineages.  She has travelled to 36 countries thus far, gaining a deeper understanding of the impact that different languages, cultures, religions and systems has on our collective functioning as human beings on planet earth.

"If you can find the words, you can find the way"

Annelie Nel

It is amazing how someone so close to you can look inside your mind and soul and add some light to the darkness. Annelie helped me see what was actually right there the entire time. We are just too darn scared to let go, because the unknown is scarier than the painful reality we make ourselves live in. I love the fact that she steers you into different directions, helping you to kind of solve your own problems.

Diane Koen, Mauritius

"The main requirement for spirituality and growth: A yearning to know who you really are."


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