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"Flow is the alignment of the body, mind and breath to the movement of life"

Annelie Nel

All Movement

The form of movement is less important than where the movement comes from, how it is perceived in the body and mind and the interconnectivity between all the levels of existence within ourselves while moving.  Through the various movement forms Annelie practiced throughout her life, it has given her a unique ability to connect to the source of the movement both within herself as well as for her clients in order to create coherent, aligned and healing movement, guiding the energy and body back to a state of balance. 
Her experience in movement includes a BA degree in Human Movement Science, Years of taking part in competitive Sports, Yoga and Kung Fu.  During her exploration of yoga, she started understanding that movement goes beyond what she was initially taught.  Before, her understanding of movement were more "automatic" and physical, but she started learning conscious awareness of the cells breathing, the alignment of the energy and how her movement impacts on the space that surrounds her.  It is through various movement and spiritual practices, that she gained a higher level of self awareness as well as understanding the impact of her actions on those around her.

"The conscious movement of the breath, energy and physical body has the potential to guide the cyclical existence of our mind to resolution, harmony and balance"

Annelie Nel

Annelie doing Shaolin on the beach

I have been very fortunate to cross paths with Annelie during the lockdown in India where she offered daily sessions of Yoga, Meditation, Chi Kung, Tibetan practices and various workshops.
Thanks to her unique way of teaching, her profound knowledge, her own life experiences and her support, I was able to immerse myself in a deeper understanding of the energy, the physical and anatomical aspects and functions of the body and the subtleties of the mind. I have been experiencing a greater connection between mind, body and dantien, and developing more awareness through movement and more spiritual practices.
Annelie’s classes are so powerful and transformative, penetrating into the deeper layers of oneself, removing your obstacles to reconnect with your true essence.
It's been an inspiration for me to witness her wish to pass on, spread and share all what she has learnt, experienced and integrated along her own inner and healing journey, to reach more people that are open to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic self healing on their path.
I am very grateful for all of her different classes and workshops which brought me more clarity, stability, healing, peace and focus. I carry her teachings with me in my everyday practice and my daily life. Thank you so much Annelie!

Aroa Aliberch, Spain

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