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Man know thyself; then thau shalt know the Universe and God


Annelie on bench in zen garden
Annelie doing a chi kung pose by a big tree
Annelie doing a warrior yoga pose in nature




Vision and Perspective

With an absolute passion for the multi-dimensional inter-connectivity of our existence, I started my journey through the conventional education system acquiring a Masters degree as well as many certifications in various fields relating to the body, mind and how everything is related.  I followed this with a more intensive personal and existential exploration of universal principles with the guidance of Spiritual Masters and Scientific research and came to the following conclusions...

No level of acquirement or success in business, wealth creation or relationships can bring us peace.  This is a journey we need to complete within ourselves.  It involves an in-depth investigation into every aspect of our lives and how it all stems from the same essence. Through the recognition of all aspects of ourselves,  we achieve higher states of self awareness.  It is this consciousness that allows us the realisation that there is nothing to improve on or achieve in life, but rather just the recognition of what is always present.

The extension of this consciousness into every word, action and moment is what brings peace and bliss -  the true nature of creativity and eternal abundance.

Since working with Annelie, my life is naturally aligning and manifesting far beyond what I’d imagined possible.  Disabling addictions and huge inner resistances to healthy habits, have completely left my experience.

My body and psyche has opened to experiences I didn’t know were scientifically possible … where at times I reside in an existence of pure space unaffected by the worldly chaos around me, and other times I’m able to profoundly experience other peoples inner experience through my body bringing about deep connection and compassion.

With Annelie’s depth of intricate scientific understanding of the body, high spiritual wisdom, expansive comprehension of the human psyche and an incredible ability to guide physical practices (qigong, yoga, breath work) in a way where the body can become healthily held and aligned - i feel safely held in every dimension through this self-realisation work.

Annelie is the most non-judgmental, compassionate, conscientious and peaceful individual I’ve met … just being in her space inspires and expands me into a higher version of me.
I’m forever grateful.

Kimberley Strethill-Wright, 35, Surrey UK

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