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Resolution found through the waves

All the answers we need are present in nature if we are able to stay open and learn to observe without expectation or attachment. Nature is therefore our biggest teacher...

During our yearly trip to Indonesia with my teachers and fellow students one day early in 2017, I was going through a deep introspective period regarding the conflicting dynamics we experience within ourselves and in relationships. I was contemplating the suffering we cause ourselves and others, how conflicts arise and the possibility of resolution. As we finished a chi kung practice on the shore, I observed 3 very distinct variations in the interaction between the waves less than 10 meters away from me.

There was a wall not too far from the breaking point of the waves, so the water would come towards the wall, and once it connects, are sent back into the sea. This already gave me a sense of the expression of samsara and the never-ending cycles of existence.

The first dynamic I observed was the most basic... I saw it as 2 souls passing in the night, without any interference or communication.

The swell would come towards the wall, hit the wall and go back into the sea, never breaking into a wave. As it went back into the sea and the next swell came in, they would move through each other with limited interference or disturbance. I understood this as the softer nature of our existence, the pure space quality we all have. Whether the swell was alone or in contact with it's oppositional force, it didn't make a sound. Just floating by in peace with no resistance...

The second dynamic I observed was what I understood as conflict... force on force. This would happen when the swell is either at breaking point, or has already broken. The broken waves coming from the sea and the wall moving towards each other would splash in a big explosive display, spreading its voice and drops through the air for all to feel and take part in its existence. I saw this as the raw power and unevolved human nature we are given as part of our evolutionary process, learning how to rein in our energies, finding a way to express ourselves without causing destruction and causing harm to ourselves and those who surrounds us.

I sat there, observing for a long time, waiting to find a 3rd dynamic, a resolution point between these two sides of the dualistic reality I was observing... the ultimate peace in space vs. the rumbling expression of reality. What came was a beautiful display of harmony and flow when these two seemingly oppositional forces came from different directions, meeting at the exact point, both with perfect timing, where the swell was dipping down just as the oppositional side was coming in at its breaking point, flipping over and becoming part of the swell from the back. They created a barrel of energy with space right in the centre and kept spinning around each other, until eventually they hit the wall.

This dynamic gave me a sense of peace and understanding that all things are possible when the timing is right, no matter what happened in the past, if the meeting point of 2 dynamics interact with each other at exactly the right time in the same space, a union is created that can only be broken by a wall or stronger interference beyond its own existence. Such is the nature of all of karma, short or long term, positive or negative.

I have come of understand that these dynamics exist within ourselves between our internal masculine and feminine energies spiralling up the spine; seemingly oppositional forces, from which it extends beyond ourselves into our interaction with others and life itself. For some, they float through life, never fully expressing the truth of their soul's existence, never connecting the immense inner masculine and feminine power to evolve their consciousness. Others go through life as waves, crashing into everything it encounters with mass explosive power, causing resistance and potential harm to themselves and others... learning how to flow with grace and harmony may take a few resolutions...

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