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Profile shot of Annelie in nature

Do you really hear what others are telling you?

As a Consultant, Doctor, Therapist or Partner, you can learn how to communicate and relate better by learning how to listen

Not everybody who needs advice, needs to share everything they feel.  Similarly, not everybody who shares what they feel, need advice.  And sometimes, we just want to get the perspective from somebody who has already experienced something that we are currently experiencing on our path.  The Wisdom to know what is needed for each individual goes beyond logic into the realms of knowing.  It takes time to practice the refinement of our own senses, clearing out all interferences that can cause disturbance in our interpretation and the integration of the subtle energy patterns that exist in the space between us, as this is what guides the interaction towards resolution.

As I stumble on the various challenges of life, I sometimes come across surprising perspectives I had never previously imagined to exist. Nor could I suspect how deeply such new perspectives could affect the way I held my space and that of others. I have been fortunate to get to know Annelie a number of years ago.  She planted a few seeds, then patiently nurtured the sprouts, and then came back to witness how her work came to fruition in me.  Seldom have I encountered such a skilful cultivator of body and mind.  As a Psychologist, I know a few things about taking healthful perspectives to invest in behavioural patterns that help us tell ourselves better stories, which helps to make us feel better for some time.  I also know a few things about telling fewer stories so as to just be with whatever is, and let life unfold.  Even so, Annelie invited me to nourish pathways that aspired to deeper equanimity.  This work goes beyond creating something pleasurable to give us a footing and beyond letting go of resistance to pain.  Rather, it is about transforming yourself and your environment by actively making peace with what is present.  Annelie teaches through movement and sensations in  of the body.  As she does so, I suggest you pay careful attention to her casual advice, and then forget it maybe for a while.  Annelie's teachings carry seeds of experience with a living intention and a force of heir own that will come to fruition in you if you just let them do their work.  As Annelie worked with me I witnessed a dedication to my well-being that deeply moved and inspired me. It is one thing to hear a simple truth on a random website.  It is quite another to experience the presence of one who is the living wisdom of her own practice.  I truly wish for you to have the fortune of a similar experience.

Osama Al-Alim, The Netherlands

"Spirituality is individual, highly personal. It can't be organised or regulated. It isn't true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth"

Ram Dass

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