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Annelie performing a heaven-and-earth connecting warrior yoga pose in nature

Members Area

A deeper look into memberships

As a member you can find a wide variety of classes, workshops and even counselling sessions to support you on your journey of self realisation. Choose the section that is relevant for your membership type to access these libraries and remember, as a VIP member, you have access to both.

Below you will also find information on donation options that can be used by anybody at any time.


Feel free to participate and learn at your own pace, in your own time and if you have any questions, feel free to connect with me on the "contact" page.  If you have not signed up as a member yet, please visit the memberships page to see which level of support you need to enhance your self realisation and personal practice.

"On Demand" covers a variety of different classes, talks and basic workshops to assist your practice with lots of variety and easy access classes.

"VIP" is aimed at offering more in-depth guidance and support to bring deeper levels of understanding, featuring interactive workshop recordings and sequential courses to allow for gradual growth and ability over time.

Donation options

As part of your reference, please tell me why you are making a donation and what you would like to see the money go towards.  You can write one word if it is enough to explain, otherwise feel free to send me a message.  Here are some examples: Marketing, more videos - video editing, to sponsor another person or arranging retreats.

Feel free to make payments or donations to any of the following options, direct transfer in your local currency is preferred:

UK Pound Sterling account (£):

Annelie Nel

Acc:  60922528

Sort:  20-69-17

IBAN:  GB22BUKB20691760922528


EU European Euro account (€):

Annelie Nel

Acc: 8631125059


Branch code:  XXX

Branch Name:  N26 BANK AG

Branch Address: Voltairestrasse 8

South African Rand (ZAR) account (R):

Annelie Nel

Acc: 1758504275


Branch code:  470010


Branch Address:  FLOOR 5, IKHAYA, 5 NEUTRON ROAD



Wise: Euro

Annelie Nel

IBAN:  BE56 9677 5453 6488


Wise's address:  Rue du Trone, 3rd floor, Brussels, 1050, Belgium

Crypto-currencies are also accepted, but ONLY as donations, not as payment towards a service.

Quick access to free online classes

This is the standard link that will take you to all free online classes and workshops. The password will be sent in a separate email, but once you have it, it will only change for paid workshops.

Meeting ID:  878 202 5702

Annelie performing a deeply opening yoga pose in a line of trees in nature
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