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"Healing is the process of allowing yourself to breathe in the light that you are"

Annelie Nel


The essence of life-giving energy, nurturing and healing every cell, including the spaces in between.  Once we know how to harness our breath, we also learn to guide our mind to a state of clarity and peace.  It is the one point of focus that can energise, catalyse, calm as well as focus our body-mind connection all into one coherent system of flow. It all starts with one breath... until the last breath. 
Annelie has been trained in Yogic practices including Pranayama, Tibetan Trulkor yoga's specific breathing practices as well as Chi Kung.  She used to work in clinical and research contexts with breathing techniques using advanced technology to assess the breath, Oxygen uptake, Heart Rate variability and peak flow.  Due to her well rounded experience in breath work, she can guide a person intuitively to resolve issues of the body, mind and emotions.

When our mind is outside, it becomes a monkey.  When our mind is inside, it becomes a temple

Zen Buddhist proverb

Annelie came into my life 2 years ago and since then a journey of deeper healing started. I have been a Medical Doctor since 2007 and a GP and energy worker since 2010.  In 2016 I fell ill and could not work for a year and a half with symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Some symptoms healed by themselves, while at others I had to work hard by changing my diet, resolving psychological traumas and doing healings with energy work.  My sense of vitality returned and the symptoms subsided.  But when I met Annelie she made me realise that healing can go much deeper than I ever thought.  She made me connect with my true essence, beyond all concepts of what I thought I had to do or what I thought it it that I am. This made me approach life from a completely different perspective:  one where problems and pain can dissolve just by connecting with this space that holds my true essence.

Roos Quadekker, The Netherlands

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