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Lineage, Teachers and Masters

It's all about the journey...

I have been extremely blessed to have met some the most amazing Teachers and Masters on my path.  Each offered me a deeper awareness and understanding of principles that was present in myself and life, assisting my journey of consciousness. I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to each of them for their presence and commitment on their path as they were a part of the creation of who and what I have become.

Annelie receiving a blessing from a Buddhist lama

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"

Zen Proverb

Lama Geva Jampa Gyatso Rinpoche

2012 - 2022

Lineage Holder of complete Kalachakra from S.S  The XIV  Dalai Lama, Bon Buddha Dharma, Ngalso Gelug Ganden Nyengyu, Trulkor Nangpa Nelyor, Shangpa and Karma Kagyu. Direct student of  Ven. Kalu Rinpoche for 6 yoga of Niguma and Naropa, 5 golden teachings, Tantra of the 5 deities, Medicine Buddha and Healing, Integral teachings of Niguma and Sukhasiddhi's Trulkor. Therapist, Nurse, Tibetan and Mongolian Energy Healer, Kung Fu Lineage Holder and Master Teacher

Main teachings received:  ​

  • Spiritual & Life Guidance, Initiations and Transmissions

  • Trulkor Yoga, Tummo, Meditation, Chi Kung & Healing

  • Sutra & Tantra

Mother Meera

2015 - 2022

Embodiment of the Divine Feminine, offering free transmissions of light, love and grace to anyone who comes to her.

Main teachings received: 

  • Transmissions of light, love and grace

  • Transformation and healing 

  • Silence, stillness and peace

Konstantin Pavlidis

2010 - 2020

Energy/Chi and Movement Master, Therapist, Meta-physicist and Science Educator, Lineage Holder and Wisdom Keeper of traditions such as Taoism, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Aboriginal Australian communities and Esoteric Christian Mystic Healing

Main teachings received: 

  • Spiritual Guidance, Initiations, Transmissions and related practices 

  • Corrective, Realignment and Conscious Movement, Healing, Energy and Movement Mastery

  • Natural Law, Metaphysical and Quantum Principles of Multi-dimensionality, Inter-connectivity, Coherence and Alignment​

Aniko Nagy

2007 - 2019

International Master Yoga Teacher, Movement Master, Therapist, Energy and Light Worker, Lineage Holder and Wisdom Keeper of the Buddhist Vajrayana path, Tibetan Trulkor Yoga, Sivananda as well as Oki-Yoga systems. 

Main teachings received: 

  • Yogic practices, Transmissions and Life Guidance  

  • Meditations and Tantric Self-Healing practices

  • Channelling sound, energy and movement for healing purposes

Master Guo Xin Min

03/2019 - 08/2019

Level 8 Ranking, Energy/Chi, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Wing Chun, Baiji and Chinese Kung Fu Master, Lineage holder and Master Teacher

Main teachings received: 

  • Yang and Chen style Tai Chi and Wu Dang with Weapon

  • Healing, Conditioning (Iron shirt) and applied Hard Chi Kung

  • Jin Gang Li Gong - Internal Kung Fu (Buddha Disciple Force Technique)

Master Shi Yan Bo (Sun)

04/2019 - 08/2019

Level 7 Ranking, Shaolin, Mantis Combat style, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Chinese Kung Fu Master, Lineage holder and Master Teacher

Main teachings received: 

  • Shaolin basics, forms, weapons and applications

  • Conditioning (Iron shirt) and Combat Takedowns

  • Baduajin Chi Kung

Dr. John F Demartini

2007 - 2010

Human Behavioural Specialist, Self Development Teacher and Consultant, International Author 

Main teachings received: 

  • Mental understanding of Inter-connectivity in areas of physics, philosophy, mathematics, theology, metaphysics, physiology, psychology and neurology ​

  • Methods for balancing the mind

  • Business and Relationship soft skills

I met Annelie in 2018 when  she came to visit her parents in Cape Town.
At that stage I was just floating through life, no real goals, no real purpose, following the norm of every day life, hiding away, living in an illusion. 
It was as if she could see right through my barriers, barriers I put in place to hide my years of pain and fears from the outside world.  In a short period of time and I felt I could open up to her in a way I never thought possible. She got me to experience love again, not just for her, but for life, others and the world.  
She then started guiding and working with me more directly to get to my essence, the real me.  She got me to realise and observe my worst enemy and how this has influenced my life, my emotions and my mind, this being my fear.  She taught me some exercises to help me calm my mind,  to listen to my body, to let the energy flow, to get rid of blockages, to accept and love myself for who I am,  to forgive myself and others, to deal with my past, to face my fears, to open myself up and express what I’m feeling inside, to have more inner peace, to flow with life and the universe. 
Some of the practices she taught me were breathing exercises, prostrations, yoga, self healing and energy movement.
She worked on me by channelling and shifting energy and blockages on all levels of my body and mind.
I started on a journey of self discovery, a spiritual path, a path to wholeness. 
I have learned so much in a short time... 
She is a great teacher and master in her field with so much compassion, humility and knowledge.
She is always striving to help others around her that needs it without judgement or criticism while also working on herself continuously.
I have absolute respect, love and overwhelming gratitude for her.

Kobus Britz, South Africa

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