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Not everybody has the type of schedule that fits around my classes, so I thought it may be handy for you to have access to my library so you can practice in your own time...

In this section you will find a few different types of tools that may assist you on this journey.


Class and workshop library archive

Here you will find most of the classes and free workshops I have been teaching since 2020.  This library will be constantly expanded in order to provide more choice and variety to your practice.  The beautiful thing about these classes is that they can never be outdated.  

In this section you can choose which category you would like to see and it includes various categories for example, yoga, chi kung/qigong, meditation and even a workshop on dream analysis.  You can also use the search function for specific key words.


All classes and workshops, excluding yoga (scroll down for YOGA)

All classes and workshops, excluding yoga (scroll down for YOGA)

All Categories
All Categories
Chi Kung
Deep Transformation
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Attachment and duality workshop - Stalbridge UK, Feb 2022

Medicine Buddha group recitation practice - Stalbridge UK, Feb 2022

Prostrations - How to and why? Stalbridge UK, Feb 2022

What dreams may come - India, May 2020

Breathing workshop - Cape Town, May 2021

A guided candle meditation - Trataka, Amsterdam, Dec 2020

Body maintenance 101 - India, Apr 2020,

Workshop - Deepen your practice part 1 - Amsterdam, Jan 2021

Workshop - Deepen your practice part 2 - Amsterdam, Jan 2021

Tong leng compassion practice - London, Jul 2020

Chi Kung in Nature - London June 2020

Anxiety support - Amsterdam, Aug 2020

OM AH HUM mantra recitation meditation - Dartmoor UK, Nov 2021

Movement chi kung with sound and yoga - India, April 2020

Medicine buddha recitation by Annelie - Bath UK, Dec 2021

Nurturing morning chi kung, Cape Town - Apr 2021

Workshop: Yoga With Straps for support - India, April 2020

Half yoga, half seated meditation - India, Apr 2020

Chi Kung in the Veluwe, Netherlands Oct 2020

30 min silent meditation, Cape Town - Apr 2021

Half Chi Kung, Half Yoga - London, Jul 2020

Meditation: Simplicity of observation, India, Apr 2020

Chi Kung at home - Amsterdam, Nov 2020

Chi Kung, good content with limitations - London, Jun 2020