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Profile shot of Annelie in nature

What others say...

Annelie has not magically solved the issues in my life, but showed me how to deal with them by understanding them. I would regard meeting Annelie as an eye opener, as fate and as a reality check. I would strongly recommend if you do happen to cross life paths with this truly AMAZING human being, that you don’t miss the opportunity to learn from her.

Francois Wagenaar, Chartered Accountant

Thank you for letting me be part of your prayers and healing session.
For the first time I understood the reason why we need to tap into the universal consciousness.
For the first time I acknowledged my multi-dimensional being.
For the fist time the light door was opened in front of me and the seed was offered to me and for this I am humbled and grateful.
Acknowledging the shadow and working through it is not easy, it is nevertheless profound knowing the importance of it.
Embodying your own shadow is the true pathway for opening ones spiritual pillar and only then the identity dissolves and your heart is blessed.
Thank you and once again I bow to your teachings and the masters and ancestors speaking through you.

Natalia Hetherington, London business owner

When I try to describe Annelie to other people, I struggle to decide between calling her a “spiritual guru” to “someone who is just really…spiritually awake!”  Once you meet her, you realise she is operating life on another plane.  She is very spiritually attuned to the world and is here to help guide people towards understanding the mysteries and purpose of life.  She has a true skill at helping you appreciate that each of us is on a unique journey towards self-discovery.  Annelie has a keen sense of what areas you should focus on for personal growth and for healing.  She is very patient in understanding where each person is in their own development; perhaps most importantly, she never judges…nor does she share insights beyond what you are prepared to understand.  If she sees an opportunity to challenge you to go beyond your own limits, she will encourage you to do so.  If you require patience, she will encourage rest and reflection.  When you meet her, you’ll truly understand this quote: “When the student is ready…the teacher will appear.”  

She is a voice of clarity and inspiration on issues of personal development and spirituality

Matt Werner, Philadelphia, USA

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