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Sun, 10 Mar



South Africa Sacred Space Journey

Accessing the raw and untamed African continent with the richest mineral kingdom to support the healing of the birthplace of humankind.

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South Africa Sacred Space Journey
South Africa Sacred Space Journey

Time & Location

10 Mar 2024, 16:30 GMT+2 – 22 Mar 2024, 15:30 GMT+2

Johannesburg, 1 Jones Rd, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, 1632, South Africa


About the event

Retreat Date:

12 Day Journey:

Arrival Sunday 10 Mar - accommodation included

Journey dates 11 - 22 Mar (evening of 22 Mar accommodation not included)

(extra days either side can be arranged for - please contact me)

*NB:  Please contact me before making payment to discuss the details of your journey and choices*

You are more than welcome to come earlier or stay later at your own expense and arrangements (which I could assist with), but the dates above will be arranged with excursions, teachings and covering expenses as part of an offical journey.

I may be around before and after and may spend some more time outside of the course structure to relax with participants.

The journey:

An opportunity, away from the distractions in your daily life and environment to deeply heal and integrate your human self, the physical vessel programmed to keep you alive on planet earth by connecting with your earth mother.  Finding liberation from your underlying fears based on our survival instinct which keeps us human.

South Africa is intrinsically linked with the big 5 animals in the country, the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. Generally the idea of international travellers is that we have wild animals living amongst us... which to some degree is true, but not in the way you would expect:)

South Africa is one of the richest at its core, with diamonds, gold and many other precious elements growing just underneath the earth's surface.  These subtle vibrations are enough to heal the planet, but unfortunately our alignment is off and so, the energy that we recieve is pushing us further away from our true nature.

All of humanity shares an African heritage as this is where the first Hominids, ancestors of modern humans, first emered about 7 000 000 years ago.. We are one diverse species across the globe, with our roots in Africa.  Africa is the birthplace of humankind. This is where our collective umbilical cord lies buried.

This year our journey begins in South Africa, where fossils of some of the earliest known life forms on Earth have been found, including fossils of our distant mammal-like ancestors, which lived more than 200-million years ago.

With a strong presence of tribal influences from the past, as well as still very current in other parts of Africa, we will be doing work on this beautiful continent to heal the roots of humanity at its source... our birthplace.  Tribal aspects of our history has a foundation based on survival, instinct, fear and competitiveness and therefore violence and agression.  These are some of the most powerful forces that is still with is today, even in the highly developed first world countries, we still live in fear with our survival instinct at the base of every decision we make.  Overcoming and transforming this deep-rooted human programming can catapolt us into the higher realms with an amazing capacity to transform not only ourselves, but see through the many layers of illusion that also keeps ourselves and our loved ones stuck in the cycles of samsara.

The journey has a spirit, energy and rhythm of it's own that will guide the process based on the participants, environment and other metaphysical factors. There may be a variety of spiritual, movement, energy development and healing practices done during this time, to prepare and integrate us to this re-alignment of our true nature.

Please note:  everything that is part of this journey is subject to adaptation or change based on Covid, weather patterns and/or other restrictions that is out of my control.

Some of the practice you may encounter during this journey:

Yoga, Qigong, meditation, mantras, healing, tantra, work in nature, pranayama, karma yoga, sound work, visualisation, transmissions, chanting, energy and light work from various different systems and lineages.

If you would like to know more about me, feel free to look at the "about" page with 3 subsections on my website.

Ultimately, the aim of this retreat is to give you the opportunity to heal more deeply by developing higher consciousness, wisdom and compassion to also be able to benefit others.

Testimonial from a past retreat:

"Annelie creates a beautiful, safe, nurturing & welcoming space on her retreats where she shares her unique experience, wisdom & healing practices with participants.  She’s a wonderful, gentle teacher & host and pays absolute attention to detail, holds the space and is fully aware of everyone’s needs.

When the Retreat finishes, the work & healing continues…."

Catherine K, London, UK

Finances and Payments:

Please make sure I am aware of your intentions to attend ASAP even if you are not certain yet, since accommodation, flights and group transport has to be arranged in advance. Please contact me via the contact page or feel free to text if you have my number.  If you have financial concerns but still want to join, please contact me to find out about referrals that could bring you some discount.  If you do not have access to funds straight away, also please let me know and see the section below to discover how you could potentially be supported (first come, first served).

I am willing to offer anybody who brings somebody else a £150 discount, so if you were to bring 2 or 3 new people, you can decrease the cost of your own ticket.

I have UK £, Euro € and South African Rand bank accounts, so can receive payment directly in any of these currencies. Please get in touch to arrange payments as I will need specifications for private or shared rooms as well as potential extra nights' accommodation etc.

Support others at no extra cost and no risk:

If you are one of the extremely blessed individuals in this world that has some flexibility and flow financially, you could benefit those who are less fortunate without any extra cost or risk. Please consider making the full payment in advance, or even if you could just consider paying bigger amounts towards deposits, that could already help somebody else.

*I have given an outline of deposit dates in order for me to make certain decisions and payments towards resources we will need during this journey.  If I leave bookings later, the prices will go up and we may not be able to stick to the current price given. Therefore, early bird prices means that I can book earlier to get better prices.  If you are able to pay more than just the payment plan options, it means others will benefit from your ability to put more upfront as that will go towards their deposit until they can get the finances together.  If later they still are not able to pay the full amount, the payment you made is still only for your own journey.

*If you feel a resonance with the concept of "pay it forward", why not sponsor part or full payment for another person to join (either now of in the future) who may not have the same financial karma as you. Instead of donating to charity this year, why not offer some financial support to somebody who is on their path towards self discovery?  We all lack in some areas of life at certain stages, assisting others to find healing is often the path towards our own inner healing.  Please only do this if it is done from a space of wanting to share what you have, free from any expectations, free form ego, pity, shame or a need to save another.  Simply message me to let me know that you will be a sponsor.

Payment structure:

Please note:  Arriving the day before or leaving the day after, means you are not technically attending the course on that day, so accommodation, food, transport etc. will be extra and arranged separately.  It does not form part of the breakdown below.  Please inform me if you intend to stay extra nights, needing extra meals, need transport and also if you require private or shared rooms during this journey. All prices are based on shared accommodation for adults.

The following personal expenses are not included in the price structure below, and it is advised that you have some of the local currency available:

-International flights before and after the journey

-Transport to and from airports (I may be able to assist or negotiate group bookings)


-Travel insurance

-Any extra days of accommodation, food, transport etc. outside of the journey dates

-Gifts, snacks, drinks etc.

-Any donations you would like to make towards tour guides, staff, local villiages etc.

- Washing your clothes

-If you have any old clothes you want to get rid of, pencils, marbels or any small toys, please feel free to bring as these are great to give out to local children.

Transportation:  Re-connect with the journey of life

- All transport during the journey dates given are included in the price, including a one way flight from Durban to Cape Town.

- Suggested airport:  O.R Tambo, Johannesburg international airport (or Cape Town international airport)

- Getting to our accommodation from the airport:  We will all gather at O.R Tambo (Johannesburg) airport around 3:30pm to leave together to the venue.

- Please send me your itinerary as soon as you have more clarity, or if you are flexible, let me help you find bookings as a group.

*Please note:  The journey will end in Cape Town, so you have the option of booking a multi city flight, or you can book an internal flight between Cape Town and Johannesburg to get to your connection. is generally a good site for local flights. 

Accommodation:  Re-connect with simplicity and nature

- The prices given are for a shared rooms, if you wanted a private room, please let me know ASAP.

- I will only know the finer details about our accommodation once numbers are confirmed and I book the space we will occupy.

- Extra nights before and after the retreat is available and will be arranged, yet will only be known closer to the time

- People who pay first and/more will have first option when it comes to rooms and sleeping options.

- The evening of 10th March is included in the price of the journey.  Please note that we finish on the 22nd of March, so this evening's accommodation is not included.

Food:  Re-connect to community and alchemy

- Breakfasts and dinners are included during the journey.  If you wanted some snacks or lunch, this is something you could buy locally during excursions or in advance locally to take with us during the day.

- Please inform Annelie of any intolerances, allergies and food requirements necessary at least 1 month before, even though I cannot promise that I will be able to do too much to support this, it would be good for me to be aware.

-Details of extra breakfast and dinner for those arriving a day before or leaving a day after will be given closer to the time.

Extra notes

- For as much as the sites we will be going to is already planned, the schedule of this journey will be finalised closer to the time and acts as a guideline which is subject to change due to weather, convenience, external factors and group requirements… life will guide the process to have the most beneficial outcome for all involved.

- No drugs or any other substances that allows for altered states of consciousness will be allowed during this retreat.

- If you have a specific type of supplement, oil, snack or medicine you require on a daily basis, please make sure to bring that with you, as you may not be able to find it in South Africa

Please bring:

- a journal to document your experience, dreams, realisations and/or any other notes

- good quality camera or camera phone as there may be some amazing views to capture if you are that way inclined.

- a pen

- a yoga mat

- Day-time/practice clothes should ideally be suitable for movement, without restriction and in general, something that could get dirty without causing you too much distress. Natural materials are generally best.  You may also choose to dress up to evening dinners, so feel free to bring something nice if you want, or you could buy something to support the locals.

- The weather will range between cold and hot, wet and humid, so best to prepare for all.  It shouldn't drop lower than 10-degrees celcius and most likely can reach up to 32 degrees ish.  

- a pashmina for evening meditation to keep the energy inside (and keep mosquitoes out)

- Light, long sleeve clothing advisable for mornings and evenings

- walking/hiking shoes definitely recommended as well as easy removal shoes like flip flops/sandals.

- natural bug / insect repellent or natural essential oils, there are quite a few mosquitoes with the potential of carrying malaria (although very low risk).

- sunscreen and a hat

- sun and/or rain umbrella if you are very sensitive

- For those who have a tendency to be cold, please feel free to bring some layers as sometimes the rain does get cold.

- a travel towel will always come in handy

- a day bag/ backpack/ sling bag is handy to have for day excursions with swimwear, sunscreen, towel, hat, shoes, money, camera and food etc.

Taking your child on the journey

Any child under the age of 18 is the responsibility of the parent(s).  Children are more than welcome to join any of the classes or teachings if they can self regulate and manage their own bodies and minds in the way required for adults as well.  If a child is not capable of committing to all or full practices, with prior arrangement, a parent has to arrange to either stay with them or leave them in a place where they will feel safe and secure, alone or with somebody else and not disturb the rest of the group.  Please make sure your child has enough things to keep themselves busy with during times of practice if they are not joining. If a child can join in half the class but need to leave throughout, this is absolutely fine as long as they have an alternative option available.

*The price for children is not the same, please get in touch for more details before booking*.

Requirements to attend this journey:

- A general level of fitness and health is required as there will be some activities which include movement, hiking and/or travelling in extreme climates in warm, humid and/or rainy weather.

- you must be of sound mind and have developed a general sense of balance on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, treating others with respect and care.

- please inform Annelie ASAP if you are not sure if your circumstances are ideal for this journey.

- by joining this journey you choose to take responsibility for your own posessions, safety, physical and mental health at all times.

- Please inform Annelie ASAP if you have any allergies, disabilities, injuries, illness or disease, intolerances or food requirements.

More details to follow in time...  please let me know if you have any questions, that way I can inform everybody

Explanations of classes you may take part in:


It is not impotant how flexible or strong you are, but where your mind is when you are challenged or prompted to surrender.  Yoga is about the movement of breath and consciousness, the physical body is just the expression and physical manifestation.

There is an immense amount of joy that can come from stillness and movement when it is aligned with, and powered by the grace of the spirit's ability to bring harmony.  Through my classes and other work, I aim to offer an experience of all of the parts of one's being, the stillness, the strength, the flexibility, determination and focus;  but the most important part, is when you just know that a position "feels right" and you can hold it for infinity, with zero effort.

It is this feeling of inter-connectivity in the physical, energy body and mind that creates sustainability and guides our understanding to find our life path and place in this universe.  Yoga is about the ability to find coherence, alignment and integrating all the parts of your being to bring you back towards the infinite potential of "the whole".


None of us know all the answers and solutions to issues we face in life.  We can speculate based on past experience and align our actions to the principles that govern life, but ultimately, what the actual action may look like, may be completely different to a previous time we had to deal with a similar situation, based on the context, as nothing stays the same...

The only way we can align ourselves to the highest good in ourselves, others and the present moment, is to become empty of all thought, of all ego and all preconceptions of what we think or feel should or could be true, right or real.  It is only once we achieve this state of emptiness that we can act from a space of humility and grace guided by that part of our consciousness that sees through eternal eyes, not limited to your sense of self, past traumas or beliefs.

Chi Kung / Qigong:

Chi Kung is an energy development practice that has been cultivated for thousands of years as part of the general medical system in China, benefitting all levels of the physical, emotional and spiritual health of people. It is accepted as part of the Integrative Medical system of healing in the West and recently becoming more known as a preventative health care tool to support our vitality, before, during and after periods of illness/disease.

Chi Kung helps to generate, harmonise and heal the energy and chi flow, countering the negative effects of astrological and human interferences, wi-fi signals, toxicity and many other forms of stimili we absorb on a day to day basis, causing erratic behaviours, explosive emotions and aggitation in our body and mind.

For more information about Chi kung, please follow this link:

There are many benefits to a chi kung practice... but to mention just a few:

- support the healing of many chronic conditions and pain,

- strengthen our focus, clarity and concentration,

- help to rebalance mind and emotions through grounding and harmonising the energy flow

- boost the vitality of the organs and general systems of the body

- calms the nervous system while counter-acting stress

and overall, creating a sense of empowerment, strength and connection within yourself for a happy, healthy mind.

Ngal-So Tibetan Tantric Self Healing:  Specifically designed practice for the Borobudur mandala.

"Ngal" means suffering and the causes of suffering. "So" means our potential to eliminate suffering and to develop a relaxed, peaceful mind


A deep explorative journey of the subtle mind and aspects of our attachments and limiting beliefs that keeps us stuck in the same suffering cycles of existence. Learn how to start manifesting a new consciousness by linking yourself back to where you come from, re-constructing the process of manifestation to bring clarity and connection inside of yourself as well as harmony and flow outside.

This powerful journey includes prayers and mantras, visualisation, colour, symbol and sound healing as well as mudras and breathing techniques to support the process. It has its foundations in the Vajrayana path of the Buddha Dharma Teachings (Buddhism), but can be practiced by anybody who feel they resonate with the end result of healing, peace or the ultimate awakened state.

This practice will contain ritual, prayers and mantras from the Buddha Dharma Texts and will only require your attendance through meditation, relaxation and if you choose, participation.  You do not have to actively take part.  Listening, observing and receiving these very powerful blessings will help clear obstacles in your path and assist in the process of finding peace and healing.


‘Lineage’ - refers to the unbroken line of direct transmissions of knowledge and experiences from master to disciple. The teacher guides the disciple to realise the inner experience of the path and to awaken one’s own inner guru; one’s own inner wisdom, compassion and power. The main responsibility of a master in a lineage is to adapt Buddha’s teachings to the capacity and mentality of people of that time, while still keeping its essence and meaning. That is how a lineage can keep the teachings alive.

'Chi' / 'life force' -  the energy that flows through you and connects you to everything else.  It is that which gives you life.

The concept of chi (also spelt Qi) has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Martial Arts, but the idea of a vital life force energy and its role in our health can be found in many cultures. In Yoga and Ayurveda we describe this life force as Prana.  Chi energy moves through the body, like blood, but like the breah, it exists in the unseen realms.  It is nourished by a healthy diet, enough sleep and movement practices and can be described as the purest energy that arises out of consciousness, awareness, stillness – through you into your body and all expressions of life.

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